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List of Free Sew-Alongs for 2023

I have compiled a list of free Sew-Alongs for 2023. A free sew-along just means you don’t have to run out and buy the pattern. The pattern is given to you for you to create and do with what you like. 


I have broken these into a couple of categories below. You will understand why as you read. 

2nd Update: February 3rd. 2023

3rd. Update: November 20th. 2023


This category is for quilt block patterns that are released sooner than once a month. 

1. Riley Blake Block Challenge

This particular sew-along is considered a block challenge. This is for anyone that would like to build on their quilting skills. The challenge is hosted by the fabric manufacturer Riley Blake and each quilt block is designed by one of their fabric designers. So with each quilt block, you will get to know a new designer and receive a new block pattern.

2. Fat Quarter Shop Sewcialites 2

This sew-along gives you a free block pattern for you to sew and “sewcialize” with your fellow quilter. It is hosted by the online fabric store Fat Quarter Shop where you can find YouTube tutorials for most if not all of the quilt blocks. 


This particular sew-along started a little while ago but don’t let this stop you. You can download the previous quilt block patterns online. Create your quilt blocks at your own pace and enjoy sewcializing. 

3. Bursting Stars Sew Along

This sew-along is a collaboration with Yvette of Yvetterene Creations a YouTube quilt channel and Accuquilt. This is based on a free pattern by Accuquilt but has been redesigned by Yvette to be a foundation paper piecing pattern. If you enjoy foundation paper piecing this is a great sew-along for you. This sew-along has just started so you are not too late to jump into the fun.

4. Moda Blockheads 4

This sew-along is over however, you can still find all the block patterns on Moda’s website. Moda is a fabric manufacturer that has given these block patterns for free. Each block pattern is designed by one of their fabric designers. This sew-along also included several finishing instructions for the lovely quilt blocks you made.

5. Moda Blockheads 5

This sew-along is over however, you can still find all the block patterns on Moda’s website. Moda is a fabric manufacturer that has given these block patterns for free. Each block pattern is designed by one of their fabric designers. This sew-along began Sept. 6th and will last into the next year. Join the quilting fun now!

6. Springtime Sampler Sew-Along

This is a collaborative sew-along with 12 designers. After signing up for the mailing list you will receive 12 quilt blocks over the coming weeks from the 12 designers. If you want to sign up for this, I will leave the link below.

7. Grid Girls Mystery Sew-Along

Grid Girls is a Facebook group for all quilters that use creative grids rulers. Deb Heatherly runs a free mystery sew-along using these amazing rulers. I heard Beckie down in the comments about this lovely group. So I have already submitted my request to join in. If you would also like to join the party I will leave a link below to join the Facebook group.

8. Mini Quilt Mondays

Mini Quilt Mondays is a free sew-along hosted by Amanda of Graccieone on Instagram. This is an Instagram only sew-along that is also a giveaway. Participants create the mini quilt block released on Monday. Post a picture of your finished quilt block by Friday night on Instagram. Wake up on Saturday to find out who the winner is. If you are in on Instagram this is for you.

Block of the Month

This category is strictly for sew-alongs that will last all year and give you a quilt block pattern once a month.

1. A Quilting Life

Sherri from A Quilting Life blog has hosted a free block of the month for many years now. Each month you are given a block to create. In the last month of the year, you are given your final block plus finishing instructions. Her block-of-the-month patterns are always cute. Can’t wait to join in on one in the future.

2. Sew With Me

This block-of-the-month is hosted by Erica of Confession from a Homeschooler. This is geared toward helping confident beginner quilters grow their skills. She gives fabric requirements for this quilt-along but encourages you to use your scrap fabric as well. 

3. Happy Notes Quilt Along

Irene of Sugaridoo is hosting a monthly quilt along called Happy Notes. Each month she will go live on Youtube where she will answer questions and talk about the upcoming quilt blocks you will be creating. This quilt along starts Nov. 22 but if you are past this date don’t worry you can still sign up. 

Scrap Along

This category is strictly for scrap-busting sew-alongs.

1. Scrappy Irish Chain

Corey from Coriander Quilts is hosting a free scrap busting scrap along. This scrap along gives you a free pattern that is very simple. This will help bust your growing scraps and turn it into a beautiful quilt. This is the first time Corey is hosting this particular sew-along. So keep an eye out for other fun sew-alongs from her.

2. Scrappiness is Happiness

Lori of Bee in my Bonnet is hosting this scrappy sew-along that is somewhat free. Let me explain. It can be free, but if you also like, you can purchase Lori Holt’s Scrappiness is Happiness quilt book based on this sew-along. Despite this, I am including it because Lori Holt has offered some of the blocks mentioned in the book for free on her YouTube channel. Just not all of the quilt blocks. I will link her YouTube channel along with a link to purchase the book if you so choose.

These items are ones that I use and believe in (if the exact item is no longer available I have tracked down a similar item). There are some affiliate links in this post. If you decide to click one and make a purchase I might receive a small commission based on the purchase. This supports my corner of the inter web which will keep this blog ad-free. Thank you!

3. Scrappy Sampler Sew-Along

This scrappy sew-along is hosted by Jessica on her blog jessicadayon.blogspot.com. Her sew-along has been going since December and isn’t quite wrapped up. She is releasing her block patterns once a week. Head over to her site to join her scrappy sew-along. 

Quilt Watch

Whether you call it a sew-along, quilt-along, scrap-along, or any other name it all means joining in on the fun of sewing with other quilters. This topic goes along with my previous post about how to get connected to your quilting community. I will leave a link to that post below.

If you are connected to the community you will find sew-alongs like the ones listed above and more.

For Example, several years ago Irene of Sugaridoo partnered with Bernina to host a free quilt-along. This quilt-along gave you a free modern quilt pattern that as long as you participated you could also win prizes in a giveaway from Bernina. You can still find this quilt-along pattern which I will link below. The giveaways of course are over but if you enjoy modern quilting check out Sugaridoo and her beautiful pattern.

Some of your favorite fabric designers, pattern writers, and quilt bloggers will offer sew-alongs that aren’t free. If that is the case this style of sew-along just requires that you purchase a book or pattern to join in the fun. However, sometimes they are able to offer a free sew-along so keep your ear to the ground. 


Your local quilt shop might offer a free block of the month if you come into the quilt shop every month. Some might offer a free zoom quilt class. Talk to your local quilt shop to find out. 


So as I have said before, get connected. Join Facebook groups and other social media to stay in the know. If you don’t have time for that. You can follow me on social media, join the newsletter to keep in touch with me. I try to stay in the know of these things because I enjoy taking part as well.


If I have missed a sew-along let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post please consider signing up for my newsletter or sharing this post with your friends. 

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  1. Erica Arndt, sew with me 2023, block of the month, plus video tutorials on YouTube to accompany each block release

    1. Thank you! I follow her on youtube but somehow missed this. I think I will have to do an updated list to add her.

  2. Thanks for such a great resource! They all look fun, maybe I should do one of the scrappy quilts.

  3. We have one starting Feb 10 – called Springtide Sampler. It’s so pretty! I put the link below for sign up ☺️ We would love to have you join us.
    IG: @longarm.quilter fir more info

  4. Deb Heatherly runs 2 free sew alongs on Facebook each year, one just started & there will be another one this summer. The facebook group name is Grids Girls and all the “mystery sew alongs” focus on learning a specialty tool from Creative Grids

    1. That sounds like an amazing group. I am not sure how I will link the group but I will try and figure it out. Thank you! When I update the list I will be sure to add this one.

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